A 24-year old Nebraska woman who was inducted into a “Cult of Witches” was found murdered after she met a 52-year-old fat slob who called himself “Daddy Vampire” to prostitute herself for some rough sex on the Tinder App.

Sydney Loofe’s dismembered body was discovered by police in December 2017, cut up into 14 pieces and stuffed into garbage bags, dumped in a field like trash in Omaha, Nebraska.

The suspected murderer, Aubrey Trail, and his sick girlfriend Bailey Boswell, 25, were charged with Loofe’s murder in a Saline County courtroom.

During the trial, a 22-year old witness testified that Trail had formed a cult where he convinced people that he was a flying, mind-reading vampire with a coven of a dozen witches who he claimed would gain special powers by killing people.

The witness said she joined the cult the summer before Loofe was murdered and Trail convinced her she’d need to kill someone and “take their last breath” in order to obtain her magical powers, according to the Norfolk Daily News.

She said Trail showed her photos of women he claimed had witch powers, and that Boswell was called the “Queen Witch” and Trail referred to himself as “Daddy.”

Trail and Boswell had a “kill bag” with a hammer and pliers and fantasized about torturing people by ripping off their fingernails and cutting out their eyelids, the Lincoln Journal Star reported.

Trail claims he didn’t intend to murder Loofe, and that she died in a sexual game gone wrong.

Before his arrest, The Daily Beast reported that Trail initially denied any involvement in the murder by posting a Facebook video before his arrest, Trail declared: “I do what I do, be it, if I’m a thief, I’m a thief. But I’ll be goddamned, I’ve never killed anyone in my life. I’ve never hurt a female in my life. So take that for whatever the hell it’s worth.”

In an attempt to commit suicide, Trail screamed “Bailey is innocent and I curse you all,” before he slashed his throat in court and hasn’t been able to attend the proceedings since.

The incident was caught on video and then stopped after the judge ordered “stop recording.”

Interestingly, the Tinder App is owned by IAC, who is the parent corporation of “The Daily Beast.”

A fitting name for the beasts and current evil events for our times.

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