On Christmas day, a Washington mother got a deadly gift from her 25-year old son, William (Will) Foster.

Will apparently thought she was possessed by a demon so at 6 PM Tuesday while everyone else was enjoying a ham dinner with some eggnog, he presented his 62-year old mother, Claudia Foster with a knife stabbing her in the head and then beat her to death with a baseball bat.

In fact, he believed his mother was Baphomet, an idol or hieroglyph once used by the Knights Templar and has since been highjacked as a goat-headed demon sigil of Satanism per Anton LaVey.

Dressed in his tighty whiteys covered in his mother’s blood, he reportedly then went to a family member’s house where he confessed his crime.

According to court documents, “William was talking about demons and his mother was a demon and he just slayed the demon.”

The Mason County Sheriff’s Office Chief Criminal Deputy of Investigations Jason Dracobly said, “He reported that he had killed his mother or a demon,” said “I’m not sure which one it was.”

In an interview with sheriff’s deputies, the suspect “requested that his handcuffs remain on as he was concerned for [two deputies’] safety if his hands were free,” the document says. At one point, he asked one of the deputies if he was a demon, too.

A neighbor Jim Johnson told the media that William told him he was schizophrenic. When asked if Johnson was concerned about him, Johnson said, “Yes, I think I was very concerned about him. In fact, I told my brother yesterday that I saw him yesterday when we were leaving for Christmas and I just told him I had a very dreadful feeling.”

Claudia Foster was a registered nurse working at a nursing home. Her battered body and a baseball bat that appeared to have blood on it were found by Sheriff’s deputies at the crime scene.

A judge ordered William Foster to be held in lieu of $500,000 bail Wednesday for investigation of charges of first-degree murder. He is scheduled back in court on January 7.



Seattle Times

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