A Ukranian man with dental implants, a forked tongue, and serpent looking contact lenses has been arrested for the alleged murder of a popular tattoo artist who was found dead in a pool of blood with ‘bite marks’ on her neck.

26-year-old Andrey Gorbatyuk is being held by police for the murder of Tatyana Podvashetskaya, 27, who was found with multiple bite marks and stab wounds in her apartment in Ternopil, Ukraine.

Gorbatyuk had allegedly visited the victim on the night she died.

He was described as having “fangs in his mouth and eyes like a demon,” and “small horns” on his forehead, according to media reports citing the police appeal.

A modern American exorcist and expert of Demonology, Bob Larson has extensive experience exorcizing demons from people in Ukraine. Larson says that they believe in an ancestral demon called Domovoi;

In Ukraine, Russia, and Slavic countries I’ve encounter the Domovoi (Domovoy) demons. These creatures are believed to be household gods, deified ancestors. (Domania is the female equivalent – Jezebel!) These demons must be appeased with respect and food offerings. Treated properly, they supposedly protect the home. Disrespect brings curses of all kinds. The Domovoi also tell fortunes and warn of calamities but turn into “demons” if they aren’t honored. In that case, the family may fall prey to illness and discord. I’ve dealt with this demon, a nasty, violent spirit with deep generational roots.

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