A Seattle man killed his brother this week by stabbing him with a 3-foot sword that went through his head because “God told him he was a lizard.”

Buckey Wolfe is currently in jail after allegedly murdering his brother Sunday night and then called 911 revealing his crime to the dispatcher. Court documents stated that the killer told the 911 dispatcher, “God told me he was a lizard,” and “Kill me, kill me, I can’t live in this reality.”

I’m not sure if this dude was a David Icke fan and his Queen a lizard, or he worshipped Godzilla, but one thing is for sure, people around the world are hearing voices demanding blood and that they kill others who they think are lizards and demons.

Prosecutors said that Wolfe was hallucinating when detectives responded to the incident and he believed that they were turning into lizards like his brother.

According to News 7 Seattle, the accused killer posted on Facebook about using swords to defeat the Illuminati, sharing a YouTube video of The Book of Habakkuk on January 1st,  “I will dash you lizards to pieces like pottery and scatter your bones to the winds!!!

On Jan. 3, he wrote he deserves “everything that’s about to happen to me … I’m going to spend eternity in the worst part of hell. … Get all the reptiles so this never happens again to anyone.”

Apparently, Buckley Wolfe was a member of the Seattle chapter of the Proud Boys, and social media posts show him at gatherings.

Here is a picture of Wolfe posted on Twitter at one of the Proud Boy gatherings.

The Proud Boys posted a statement saying, “Buckey had been to some of the same rallies and events that Proud Boys were at, but after learning of his paranoia and mental instability the Seattle chapter steered clear of him.

A judge had arraigned Wolfe on $1 million dollars bail this week and a court-ordered mental evaluation is currently pending. He is said to be suffering from schizophrenia which is a common mental disorder with people who hear voices and murder people as a result.

This crime is not part of some right-wing conspiracy or any other conspiracy for that matter. Buckley Wolfe was obviously a man who was mentally deranged and had lost his grip of reality which the online world seems to take these crazies over the edge into Illuminati rabbit holes and David Icke lizard land.

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