A North Dakota man was arrested for attempted murder after he stabbed a woman because he thought “she was a witch and he had to slay her because she had cursed him.”

Court documents state that the perpetrator, Akmal Rashidovich Azizov, 20, had searched Google on his phone about how to slay witches and demons before the crime because he believed that she was the cause of all the negativity in his life. He apparently found information online about breaking the curse by killing the witch with a silver knife on the “left side” of the victim.

I found it interesting that the court documents stated that Azizov had approached the alleged witch from behind and tried to slash the “left side of her throat and all the stab wounds were on the left side of the victim.” Black magicians, Satanists, and witches are said to follow the Left-Hand Path.

Several local media outlets picked up the story. The Grand Forks Herald reported that Azizov told police he had been stalking the woman on campus and the city of Grand Forks for three weeks. Apparently, the victim had cut Azizov out of her life two weeks before the attack because she was alarmed after he told her about disturbing dreams, the Pioneer reported.

The suspect had allegedly planned to kill her on campus several times but lost his nerve at the last minute.

The Pioneer reported that Azizov’s allegedly told police he might have been dealing with schizophrenia and his lawyer argued during his hearing that the silver knife was not sharp enough to cause actual damage and his client may be suffering from mental health issues.

Azizov is a from the Russian Republic of Uzbekistan and is a former Stillwater resident and 2016 Stillwater High School, valedictorian.

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